The key to successful asbestos risk management is accurate information about asbestos-containing materials (ACM). Acumen has surveyed numerous types of industrial, commercial, and retail buildings using state-of-the-art AHERA protocols. The objective of these investigations has not only been to identify ACM in building materials, but to also provide action priorities for its safe management.

Our survey reports provide full documentation of the location, type, quantity, and condition of ACM. They include practical recommendations for compliance with applicable regulations such as California Proposition 65 and the Connelly Bill. We work closely with facilities managers, architects, and other professionals so that our ACM management specifications meet your specific needs, and control related risks and liabilities.

Our Cal-OSHA certified consultants will verify contractor qualifications, provide onsite auditing of work practices to assure compliance with applicable regulations and specification documents, collect personal and area air samples, verify that appropriate respiratory protection is in use, conduct final inspections, and collect clearance samples. Our abatement management reports provide full documentation of our project services.

Project: Asbestos Air Monitoring
Client: Treadwell & Rollo, Inc.
Location: Bayview/Hunter's Point (SF, CA)

Air Sampling
Acumen Industrial Hygiene, Inc. (Acumen) is performing community based air monitoring for naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) at the perimeter of the Lennar/BVHP Parcel A, Phase I Development Project located at the former Hunterís Point Naval Shipyard. Grading operations on the site have the potential to disturb native soils that contain serpentine rock with chrysotile asbestos. Acumen air sampling is being conducted 24-hours per day, six days a week in locations selected based on prevailing wind direction modeling, with input from the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Sample volumes are optimized to lower the analytical detection limit to 0.001 structures per cubic centimeter. This detection limit is five times lower than the U.S. EPAís standard requirement under the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). Sample results are analyzed within only hours after collection and posted to the community daily. Acumen is consistently meeting project parameters for this work.

Project: Abatement Oversight Services
Client: New Montgomery Associates
Location: The Call Building (SF, CA)

Acumen Industrial Hygiene, Inc.(Acumen) was retained to perform a comprehensive survey for asbestos containing materials and deteriorated leaded paints of for a complete abatement and partial demolition of 74 New Montgomery Street in San Francisco, California (The Call Building). This historical building is being renovated from office use into mixed use commercial and residential. Acumen conducted a comprehensive survey, including destructive sampling to accurately determine location and quantities of hidden asbestos containing materials. Over one hundred twenty samples were collected of wall plasters alone, in order to pinpoint exact locations of skim coating, which saved the developer significant abatement costs. Thereafter Acumen, prepared specifications, provided bid assistance and conducted abatement oversight and air monitoring through the asbestos abatement monitoring. This abatement work was completed in several phases over nine months, under budget and with minimal change-orders for contractor-discovered asbestos.



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